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Will leaves a message for his father.

"The Phantom Family"
Episode (whole series) # 56     Second Season episode #27     Production # 9528         Original Airdate: 29 March 1967

A rumor has been flying about on the B9 Talk list for over a year about the existence of a scene in which Will Robinson pulls out the microphone in the robot's torso and leaves a message for his father.

No such scene exists in any episode of Lost in Space. Yet, those list members whose brains contain the memory of such a scene will be relieved and fascinated to learn that their memories have been distorted both by time and by desire.

In the scene above, from the second-season episode "The Phantom Family," Will uses a microphone to leave a message for his father. The R.T.S. (Remote Transmission Station?) machine on which he leaves the message, however, superficially resembles the robot's torso.

It is quite easy to see how the passage of time could cause the distant memory of this scene in which Will leaves a message on a microphone attached to a robot-shaped R.T.S. machine to degrade into the unshakable conviction that Will had used the robot's microphone to leave a message in the robot's memory banks.

This serves as an object lesson that memory is a fragile and mutable phenomenon.

It seems a shame that the robot's microphone was never used for any purpose. The microphone has been called the "programming microphone" by modern robot builders, but there is no evidence that this is the correct name. Additionally, the modern term "programming microphone" presumes a specific use for this device for which there is no evidence.

There is also one scene in the second season in which Professor Robinson touches the robot's microphone, although he does not pull it out of its socket.

"Ghost Planet"
Episode (whole series) # 32     Second Season episode #3     Production # 9503         Original Airdate: 28 September 1966

It would be interesting to know whether this manipulation of the microphone was a spontaneous, unscripted gesture by actor Guy Williams or whether the director or the script required that Professor Robinson make use of the microphone as part of his repairs to the robot.

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