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I was fortunate enough to acquire almost every part necessary to build my Lost in Space robot in a single day —  1 August 2002 — a day that will live in infamy in the history of my bank book. At the same time, it is a day that will forever be illuminated by a golden glow because it is the day that a boyhood dream came true.

The robot parts had originally been collected by a B9 Robot Builders Club member who had earned a sterling reputation as a purchaser of the finest club-made parts. I greatly benefited from his wise choices and good taste, and I remain eternally grateful to him.

Below, you can see a photograph of an initial "stack up" of the "F-bot." In this picture, the robot sports a handsome aluminum donut and matching waist plate, courtesy of master B9 builder Gwen Meunier. The robot has been divested of his radar and brain because, at this stage in his career, the robot's radar is at a local machine shop being copied (and corrected) in aluminum.


Most of the robot's other parts are sitting in boxes in another corner of what was once a living room and what had now become the robot building workshop.