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What Color is it?

The neck bracket is the metal piece that fits on top of the neck and has a wide flange on top on to which the acrylic bottom plate is attached. Here is a diagram created by Mike Joyce, illustrating its location within the robot's head and neck assembly:

(Image courtesy of Mike Joyce at B9 Creations )

The superb B9 Creations Neck Bracket designed by Mike Joyce that most robot builders use is machined out of aluminum. The black object emerging out the neck bracket in the photograph below is the crown motor.


Every robot I have seen has the visible undersurface of the flange of the neck bracket painted the same color as the brain cup, be it gunmetal gray, Duplicolor AP117 CharcGray M, or Rust-Oleum Satin 7739 Charcoal Green. Here is a photograph of Craig Reinbrecht's superb third-season robot. Note the color of the lower surface of the visible flange of the neck bracket.

Here are two screen grabs from the second season of  Lost in Space. The second-season neck bracket appears to be the same dark color as the of the brain cup.

Now, look at the color of the neck bracket pictured in this first-season publicity photograph:

The neck bracket in this photograph is copper colored! Perhaps the original robot's neck bracket was fabricated out of copper. Perhaps it was simply painted copper.

Take note all first-season robot builders (all two of you -- and I am one of them!)!

Of course, this is the only instance I have seen of this copper colored neck bracket. In the following first-season publicity photograph, the neck bracket is has been painted the same gunmetal gray as the brain cup:

The lesson here is that the original robot costume was constantly changing. There are few absolutes when it comes to the fine details of building a Lost in Space robot. Even the first-season robot builder has color choices, as these rare color photographs reveal.