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First Season Spinner Posts

Craig Reinbrecht created this beautiful blueprint for a first-season radar spinner post.

My spinner posts were machined out of solid 2024 aluminum to match the 2024 alloy aluminum radar. I choose the more expensive 2024 aluminum alloy because it remains silver after it is anodized. 6061 aluminum turns a slight green. One has more options with 2024 aluminum.


The spinner posts are made in two pieces: (1) the horizontal cone and ball; and (2) the top cone. The top cone fits into a recessed opening. I suppose it could be threaded and screwed in, but in this case, the top cone is pressed in. The spinner posts are drilled out so that the Faulhaber micromotor (Part Number:  0816P008S+08/1256:1) can be inserted, allowing the electric wires to run out through the horizontal cone and into the radar, where they will find their electrical connection.

Here are a few of the specifications of the Faulhaber micromotor (clicking this link will provide more details):

Part Number:  0816P008S+08/1256:1
These have a 256:1 reduction.

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