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Look at the torso hook in the following photograph of the original robot to see the its details: rounded corners on the torso hook plate, nice rubber gasket and sloppy screw heads.torsohook
One detail that I have deliberately omitted in my robot is the unsightly and messy clump of screw heads on the top surface of the torso hook plate.

It is important to view every detail of the robot with a critical eye. Not everything on the original robot was done properly, well, or with careful consideration.  The robot was a prop costume that was slapped together in less than a month. It was only as good as it needed to be. The prop builders knew that none of the defects would really be noticed by viewers watching the show at home on the television screen.
These screw heads are structurally unnecessary. They detract from the robot's beautiful design. Therefore, there is no legitimate reason to reproduce this feature of the robot costume when creating a B9 robot replica.